20" x 20" Acrylic on canvas
Carved wall sculpture
4 - 16" x 16" panels, mahogany

about Pat

Impressions, dreams, random ideas and doodling influence my compositions. Form, line and color are the focus of my paintings with the aim of engaging the viewer with the path the painting invites you to take.

My life and art are a continuing journey of discovery beginning with crayons at age 4 to a BFA in Drawing and Painting. My career has been a circle of creativity including the design and production of industrial stage shows, the discovery of a talent for studio furniture making, woodcarving, and sharing what I’ve learned through teaching.

I now focus on what I first set out to do on my journey – Paint! Form, line and color create paintings filled with the personal expression of my artistic journey. 

special publication of curated studio furniture
Pat in studio at college

College Days

Pat Morrow

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